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Company Mission and Vision Values

Our team of engineers specialized in software development technologies such as. NET platform from Microsoft, which provides great competitive advantages for companies and their environment. Our members have the appropriate set of resources and expertise to achieve tangible goals.

Our engineers, analysts and developers have certifications such as MCAD. NET, MCSD and MCPD and specialized training in software development. Additionally, knowledge and experience with development methodologies such as RUP, MSF, EUP, Enterprise Architecture, EBM, BPM, PM, which allows to have complete control over the software life cycle in integrated and scalable development, also proven efficacy tools in test execution and maintenance of software.

In the software life cycle, Our team of professionals applies knowledge of development based on software factories and programming standards that allows the maintenance and scalability of software. Custom applications and our flagship product (LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System) are based on current technologies such as WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Comunication Foundation), Entity Framework, Smart Client and various technologies to support.

Our team has a particular focus on testing and version management that ensure high quality products and business continuity.

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