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Specialized Technical Support

All our products and services are guaranteed, to attend their maintenance needs, training or further development of customizations or updates to scale the software for the growing needs. The support service is provided by our technical team through telephone, e-mail or on-site visits.

Additionally, we have a new service technician, para atender sus necesidad de soporte en Hardware y Software:

Support Features Links

Become a SUPPORT LINKS member through a monthly membership, semester or year (depending on your needs). This contract will allow you to access the following services:

Software Support
  •   Installing Windows or Linux operating systems.
  •   PC Format: Removal of hard drive partitions.
  •   Backuping: Backup PC information.
  •   Install and Update Antivirus.
  •   E-mail Settings.
  •   Installing SW.
  •   Printer Settings for network use.
  •   SW consulting on unspecialized commercial use.
  •   Consulting on installing printers and scanners.
  •   Consulting on buying licenses SW.
  •   Consulting on information security.
  •   Local Network Mapping.
  •   Systems and Software inventory installed on your PC.

Hardware Support

  •   Physical installation of computers.
  •   Troubleshooting equipment and conectivity.
  •   Consulting on buying hardware according to requirements and dimensions of the customer.
  •   Network Equipment Configuration.

Network Support

  •   Physical installation of wireline networks (*).
  •   Network Configuration (*).

Annual membership:

Your company will get the right to TWO monthly visits of specialists in support, in which your organization will receive any of the services listed according to their needs..

The response time shall not exceed two hours in the case of phone call services. You can call during office hours, please call (511)655.2216 to access our technology consulting.

The response time shall not exceed 48 hours, when dealing with services that require the presence in their offices.

Additional attention: Cost of additional visits is S/. 35.00 with a maximum of 4 hours effective worked.

Preventive / corrective visits are cumulative.

Three preventive / corrective visits when last half an hour are redeemable for cleaning computer preventive what the contractor tell us.

Customer Compromises:

Submission of information is strictly necessary to perform the service. Confidentiality agreement previous.

Customer (employees of the contracting company) communicate the changes that may have caused the need for service.

Timely payment of membership.


Replacement any Hardware Product is not part of SUPPORT LINKS service..

Licenses sales for the software that the customer needs to use or install request is not part of SUPPORT LINKS service.


We have costs available to individuals, small and medium enterprises; request a quote and we will contact you: mcasusol@linksolutions.com.pe


(*): The physical installation of wired and wireless does not include chopped walls and / or tubing network cables and the cost of network cables and equipment. The configuration of networks (wired and wireless) equipment is available from the Password configuration (hubs, switches, routers) does not include the cost of any network equipment.

If any of the services your organization needs not offered in the SUPPORT LINKS services catalog, please indicate it to be considered in our offer.

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