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Linksolutions is a high level Software Factory. We are always in search of professionals with knowledge and skills for software development. If you are interested in working with us: Send your CV to email: jcasusol@linksolutions.com.pe

We prefer Development analyst that have the following features:

Personal Features:

Ready to learn Emerging trends, New technologies, Telerik & Infragistic tools, Proactive, Self-learning

Desirable Knowledge (Not indispensable):

  > SOA
  > SmartClient
  > VS 2008
  > Web 2.0
  > C# 2.0+
  > UML
  > Bussines Process Modeling
  > Silverlight
  > Architectures
  > MVC
  > Project
  > SQL 2005 2008
  > SourceSafe

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T:(+511) 6552216 | W: www.linksolutions.com.pe